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General Dentistry

Most understand that certain habits, practices, and routines are crucial to overall wellness. While it’s challenging to dispute the importance of a balanced diet, regular exercise, and getting plenty of rest, oral health should never be on the back burner.

Regular general dentistry visits ensure that the teeth, gums, and mouth remain healthy. At Local Dental San Antonio, Dr. Joung Lee and Dr. Minkyung Lee meet patients where they are, medically and financially, so that the community receives the necessary high-quality dental care. From extensive services for the entire family to flexible financing, we are here to build community through healthy smiles.

Our San Antonio family dentists offer general dentistry services
that are fundamental to maintaining and improving oral health for patients of all ages, including:

What is general dentistry?

Fundamentally, general dentists are like general practitioners in the sense that the goal is to prevent and diagnose disease. General dentistry covers a range of treatments and procedures fundamental to protecting and maintaining a good standard of oral health. Plus, our general dentists create treatment plans to keep mouths, gums, and teeth in tip-top shape and free of pain.

Why is general dentistry necessary?

The goal of general dentistry is to preserve oral and overall health. Unfortunately, unaddressed gum disease or cavities can lead to infections and other conditions throughout the body that can risk one’s entire well-being. Conversely, regular general dentistry visits allow our dentists to diagnose, treat, and prevent harmful dental health conditions before they worsen.

Local Dental San Antonio is currently accepting new general dentistry patients!

Although brushing and flossing are essential daily rituals, scheduling regular general dentistry visits is just as crucial for maintaining excellent oral and overall health. Often, a visit to the general dentist is the critical first life of defense against many systemic health problems.

When was the last time you scheduled general dentistry services? If it’s been over six months or you’re suffering from dental pain or trauma, there’s no time like the present. Take advantage of our online booking or conveniently call (210) 686-1486. The San Antonio community can trust the Local Dental team to keep individuals and families healthy, happy, and feeling at home.