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Implant Dentistry

Implant Dentistry in San Antonio, TX

Tooth loss is unfortunate. Luckily, Local Dental San Antonio can replace lost teeth and tooth roots with implant dentistry. With diligent patient maintenance, dental implants are a long-lasting, legitimate way to restore the utility and beauty of natural teeth.
At Local Dental San Antonio, Drs. Joung and Minkyung Lee surgically implant dental implant-supported devices to help patients regain control of their smile, bite, and daily life.

What are dental implants?

Sometimes called “teeth implants,” dental implants are tooth-replacement devices that mimic a natural tooth root.

What are the parts of a dental implant-supported restoration?

Dental implant-supported devices can be characterized by three parts.

Dental Implant

The dental implant is post-surgically embedded in the jawbone.


The abutment connects the dental implant and the crown.

Implant Crown

Implant crowns are the part that everyone should see! Dental implant crowns are the tooth replica placed on top of the post and abutment that function, feels, and looks like natural teeth.

Types of Dental Implant Posts

Traditionally dental implant posts are made of sturdy titanium, but zirconia is an excellent option for those with metal allergies.

Types of Abutments

Traditionally, dental implants are separate from the dental implant post. However, modern abutment options are one solid piece connecting the dental implant and post. Our talented dentists can help you choose the most suitable style for your needs.

Implant Crown

When our San Antonio dental implant dentists decide on which type of implant crown is most suitable for the patient, they consider how many teeth need replacement. For instance, our dentists can replace a single missing tooth with a dental implant crown. On the other hand, if a series of teeth warrant replacement, a dental bridge is a more appropriate option. Additionally, those with an entire upper or lower row of teeth missing could benefit from an implant-supported denture.

Are dental implants right for me?

Ideal candidates for dental implants display decent oral and overall wellness, free of gum disease.

While this isn’t a deal breaker, we prefer that patients have adequate bone in the jaw—ample enough to support the dental implant post. However, sinus lifts and bone grafts can create adequate bone density if your jawbone is too soft or thin to support an implant.

What is considered implant dentistry?

At Local Dental San Antonio, we understand that our patients’ dental implant needs are as distinctive as the patient themselves. Therefore, we cater to our patients by offering individualized dental implant services, including.

Improve Your Life with Dental Implants

Dental implants are widely considered the gold standard in tooth replacement. If you’re unsure if dental implants could benefit your life, Drs. Joung and Minkyung Lee help patients decide if they qualify for implant dentistry.

Take advantage of our online booking or conveniently call (210) 686-1486. The San Antonio community can trust the Local Dental team to keep individuals and families healthy, happy, and feeling at home.