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Composite Fillings

Composite Fillings in San Antonio, TX

When patients suffer from minor tooth decay or damage, the first line of defense is a dental filling. At Local Dental San Antonio, Dr. Joung Lee and Dr. Minkyung Lee recommend composite fillings to patients that need a natural-looking, biocompatible, and durable cosmetic dentistry solution.

What are dental fillings?

Our dentists apply tooth-colored fillings directly to teeth to restore their function, integrity, and beauty after tooth decay or destruction.

Are composite fillings right for me?

Composite fillings are ideal for those that want to:

  • Fill a minor cavity
  • Fix a broken or chipped tooth
  • Replace a deteriorated amalgam fillin

Treatment Expectations

For new patients, we strongly suggest filling out new patient forms and submitting insurance information for a more efficient first visit.

How long do fillings take? Since they are one of the most performed dental procedures, our dentists can fill teeth quickly yet effectively. On average, dental fillings take between 20 and 60 minutes—depending on how many teeth need to be filled and the extent of the damage.

Furthermore, we’ve outlined what to expect before, during, and after each tooth-filling treatment


Before filling the tooth, our dentists match the shade of the composite filling to the tooth. Then, they give the patient anesthesia and remove any unwanted tissue. Next, they prepare the tooth for the filling by cleaning and drying the area. Also, our dentists prep the tooth by etching i


After the tooth is prepared, our dentists layer the composite material in the desired area. Then, cures the area with light. The composite filling is applied in layers, repeating as many times as needed. If necessary, our dentist polishes and contours the tooth until it can achieve a perfect shape.


Finally, the dentist checks the patient’s bite to ensure that it feels comfortable and looks great with the new restoration. Some patients notice temperature sensitivity after receiving a cavity filling, but these side effects are short-lived and should go away quickly.
Correct Your Smile with Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are a comprehensive treatment that can fulfill your desire for a solution that looks, feels, and functions great. Consult with Drs. Joung and Minkyung Lee to see if you qualify for composite fillings.

Take advantage of our online booking or conveniently call (210) 686-1486. The San Antonio community can trust the Local Dental team to keep individuals and families healthy, happy, and feeling at home.